The college pays utmost importance to the disciplined behavior of the student:

  • The student should be attentive in the class and interact for teaching-learning activity.
  • The student should bring all the study materials regularly as per the instructions of the teacher.
  • The student should assemble in the prayer hall 5 minutes before the prayer.
  • Inactiveness, disturbance during learning activity, improper behavior with classmates/college mates, causing disturbance during college functions, objectionable behavior in playgrounds, during health education, physical education classes amount to indiscipline and the same shall be sternly dealt with by the school authorities. The school authorities believe in correction measures in the large interest of the student population when dealing with indiscipline cases than the interest of a single student.
  • Parents/Guardians of the student(s) whose (students) behavior is not in accordance with the norms of the college shall be informed in writing of the same. The Parent/ Guardian should come and discuss the matter with the Head Mistress, concerned teacher (s) and cooperate in rectifying the behavior of the students.
  • Students engaged in illegal collection of money, raising funds for any private functions, sports, games or activity, inviting unauthorized persons or outsiders to collect money from fellow students, holding meetings or circulating notices or partitions of any kind amongst students, arranging excursions, trips, damaging the college property etc. will be subjected to disciplinary action and may be suspended or terminated from the school any time during the academic year without any notice.
  • Parents should not give any pocket money to their wards while attending the college as it leads to many complications inside the college.

It is desired that only a small amount of about Rs.5/- may be with the students to meet the traveling expenses.