1. The days of special bond between grand children and grand parents are fading fast and decline of traditional ways of supporting elderly is steadily setting in.

2. With both parent working full time and meeting the demands of a consumer driven society & the children almost pre-occupied with their school studies, Home works, TV and Internet, the old people within the family often find themselves unwanted and burden.
Hence very few children live with their parents. The children feel that providing financial assistance will be enough. But elderly people find it difficult to maintain the house, themselves, without love, care & respect.

3. The traditional values & norms of Indian Society laid stress as showing respect & providing care for aged but in recent times, society is interesting a graded bus definite within all joint family system as result of which a large number of parents are being neglected by their kids of Kind exposing to lack of emotional physical and financial support. Because of two the elduy parses are facing a lot of problems in the absence of social security. Thus the agency has become a major social college and there is a need to provide economic & health relief for thus elday to erase a social awareness which is conducive and sensitive to emotional needs of the aged.

4. The life expectancy which was around 29 years in 1947 has increased manifold and stands close to 63 years.

5. A day may come when the elderly people will be a hindrance for their children.

6. India has a rising population of elderly persons as 77 million and it is presumed by 2025 it may reach 177 millions. Karnataka is not behind this fact. The rising population of elderly is alarming especially at rural level as unpredicted rain fail, poor agriculture facilities, high population; poverty leads the rural youth to migrate to the urban in search of lively hood. This 45% the senior citizen in the rural area is in poor conditions suffering from chronic illness and malnutrition & nobody there to care for them.
This organization is taking up the task of helping such rural senior citizen by providing them nutritious food, medicine, affection and family environment.

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